Friday, 24 December 2010

I Don't like Titles lol

I just wanted to wish all of you insanely awesome insane people a very

Merry Christmas!!!


And may Santa and his reindeer bring you lots of gifts! 

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!

I hope Y'all are having a great day and that you haven't gotten too many socks (and if you did get socks I hope they're epic toe socks)

I've been thinking of ways to explain Christmas to a person who doesn't celebrate it, I'm not doing a very good job.
"Well, the whole point of Christmas is we're celebrating the birth of a kid who was literally born in a barn. And the way we celebrate is a fat stalker dude breaks into your house and eats your food before then leaving you lots of stuff under the dead tree that was cut back in November. The stalker dude watches you all year long (creepy!) and wears dead animals furs and drives a sled driven by reindeer (talk about bad mileage). We also celebrate by eating twice our weight in delicious fatty cookies and visiting people we may, or may not, want to visit (most of the time its not)." 

After I'm finished talking most people will back away slowly with a fake smile plastered on.

i find this funny

Merry Christmas Everyone, God Bless.

I'm writing this beforehand so all I need to do is get on the computer for five seconds and hit the post button.
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ummmm, what am supposed to do? introduce myself?

Hey y'all! I'm Lizzy, but you probably knew that... I write fanfic. You knew that too, didn't you? hmmmmm, what wouldn't you know... 

Random facts!

I run three blogs and am an author of two more
I love music, my favorite artists are Pink, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, The Black Eyed Peas... need I go on?
I have a crazy sister, who is right now sticking Christmas tree ornaments in her ears (WTF?)
I have way to many OC's (Bridget Whiplash, Tanya Espionage, Anarchy Rose, Bone... the list goes on)
I have purple glasses
My brother's user name is deagle-pickle
My sister's nickname is beast-child (she is eeeevil)
I can put three rounds in a 20 inch target at 400 yards with my .22 rifle (20 inches sounds big. Not at 400 yds)
I'm an instructor in the same program the taught my to shoot the 20 inch target (Project Appleseed, check it out please)
My favorite color is deep purple (followed by black and green)
My dog is a border collie, who are supposedly the smartest dogs in the world (I sincerely doubt that)
I have no real friends offline
My favorite quote is: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. --- Albert Einstein
I'm a hater, not a lover
Hmmmmm, I'll probably  think of more random facts the second I post this, but thats it for now.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee Y'all!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lunar Eclipse

There's gonna be one!
On the 21st!
Octaboona's birthday!

I copied the following stuff from a news article thingie I read.

"As many as 1.5 billion people worldwide will be able to watch when the Earth's shadow creeps across the moon's surface early Tuesday morning, the first time in hundreds of years that a lunar eclipse will fall on the winter solstice.

With the full moon high in the winter sky, the lunar eclipse will be visible from four continents, with the best views from North America and Central America if weather permits, scientists say.

Unlike a solar eclipse, eclipses of the moon can usually be observed anywhere in the hemisphere where the moon is above the horizon.

That means portions of this particular lunar eclipse could also be seen from northern and western Europe, and a small part of northeast Asia, including Korea and much of Japan. Totality will also be visible in its entirety from the North Island of New Zealand and Hawaii -- a potential viewing audience of about 1.5 billion people, according to

Total lunar eclipses in northern winter are fairly common -– NASA says there have been three of them in the past ten years alone. However, a lunar eclipse falling precisely on the date of the solstice is quite unusual.

Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory inspected a list of eclipses going back 2000 years for NASA.

'Since Year 1, I can only find one previous instance of an eclipse matching the same calendar date as the solstice, and that is 1638 DEC 21,' Chester said, according to NASA. 'Fortunately we won't have to wait 372 years for the next one ... that will be on 2094 DEC 21.'

This year's event will take 3 hours and 38 minutes. The eclipse begins on Tuesday, Dec. 21, at 1:33 a.m. ET, according to NASA. At that time, Earth's shadow will appear as a dark-red mark at the edge of the moon. It will take about an hour for the mark to expand and cover the entire moon. Totality begins at 2:41 a.m. and lasts for 72 minutes.

During totality, the moon will be entirely immersed in the Earth's shadow, but the moon will not disappear from sight. Instead, it should appear to turn coppery red, as Earth's atmosphere refracts sunlight into the shadow.

Since the Earth's shadow is cone-shaped and extends out into space for about 844,000 miles, sunlight will be strained through a sort of "double sunset," all around the rim of the Earth, into its shadow and then onto the moon, according to

If you're planning to dash out for only a quick minute, NASA recommends that you choose this one: 3:17 a.m. ET. That's when the moon will be in deepest shadow, displaying the most fantastic shade of copper red."

Isn't that most EPIC???
I wanted y'all to know about it!
I am SO going to see it! :]
Are you?

Friday, 17 December 2010

Mary Hiashi

W...What exactly am I invited to? I'm confused...I saw an invitation, accepted, and I am now here...

Anyways, hello! I'm Mary Hiashi (are we supposed to be introducing ourselves?). I write both stories and poetry, and speeches *shudders* on the odd occasion, I love to read, I'm concieted, Dr. Suess is amazing, I like cheese, umm...I hate math, I'm afraid that people can read my mind, and I am forever cursing those volatile monkeys. I currently have two blogs where I reign, and this one now (apparantly) where I am an author...Still confused.

I noticed Octaboona that you stole a saying of mine. For those who don't know, it's 'awesome sauce incarnate'. Octaboona, just because you are in my good graces and you managed to make me laugh with your poems and whatnot...I'll let this slide. I am also digging the Shakespeare quote...'Tis one of the one's I can remember best.

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


Well, this is the Eight Great Immortals.

I'm Hellboy, i have a blog (Click here for my blog), and I write stories, and I read other people's stories.

Enjoy your stay on this blog, where there will most likely be pointless talk. Other than that, probably links to other people's  blogs, and so on and so forth.

This blog is kinda dedicated to one of the bloggers, who has recently become many people's friends.

His name, which is also the name of this blog, is Octaboona Ambrosius. The Eight Great Immortals. say that ten times fast..

There is no set meaning of this blog, not yet, but it will probably be something like Bragging Rights.

Oh yeah, and while you're all reading this, watch this, cos Julian Smith is funny.

Julian Smith- Hot Kool Aid. 


3rd post

I wonder who will be 8?

Read this and be horrified by the very last line|main5|4|link1|31230


*Coughs at Lenka*

This first welcoming post is just to explain what The Eight Great Immortals is.

Named in honour of me Octaboona Ambrosius

Boon=Good/Great (English synonym)
Ambrosius= Latinized adjective of Greek word Ambros meaning Immortal

This is for to quote Lenka ", posts. Being awesome. Randomness. Making sure everyone is alive. the usual."

And also something to do with storywriting.

So here it is.

*opens the blog and spots Lenka's post*

It's not real!


First Post!

love Lenks xxx