Monday, 30 May 2011

I Feel Unloved...

Alright, so Blogger officially hates me. It won't let me comment on anything so...

Alex I did read the story and I loved it...Well of course it did have me in there which got you some brownie points...

Anyway...I'd like to point out that I've seen at the very least, 50 peacocks in my lifetime...Just saying...

It's also gotten very hot here. I HATE the heat...Ladies should not sweat. *Sighs* Naw, we just...uh...shine! Yes. Shining.

I'll post the relatively legitimate answers, to my legitimate quiz, and it is all very legitimate...


Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


  1. OH! I have to still take th equiz. Give me a bit longer Mary!
    Sorry you are having trouble with blogger MAry. Several other people are too.
    Thanks for what you posted Mary. However. You have earned a noogie from me. >:D
    I don't need to do something like that to see how people care for me. I already knew. But, I do miss the pranks we did pull when you were on.
    Those are fun. :D

  2. LOL
    Yes, Mary, I agree :D
    No sweating!! Not for us anyway :3
    You boys can sweat, but.... we oughtn't ;}
    And... I bet I'll lose :P
    I didn't know most of the answers xD

  3. Th eold fashioned term for well bred ladies was that they were "all aglow" :D

  4. lol, yeah!


    *eyes dart around the room*