Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hok, Hobos, and Flip Flops.

Assuming that we all know what flip flops are...

Yesterday in class we were talking about the differences between Canada and Australia most randomly. I still think that the way 'tire' is spelt is funny. It seems that Ireland spells it as 'tyre' as well. *Giggles* Anyway, we were told that sweaters are called 'jumpers', apparantly. If I'm wrong don't quote me on it...But we were laughing at the prospect of a grown man wearing a jumper...Umm....

Blogger still won't let me comment, so tell Derek I said hi. I was going to say something to add to that but I forgot.

New Vegas isn't working and I'm unhappy. I can't go on one of my many Legion Hunts. Damn.

And yes Hellboy, I can't wait for Skyrim. The others I'm not too fond of. Also, the next Bioshock!!!! Whenever that is.

It's not cold where I am. It's a scorcher out there. There was a tornado (not here here thank god!) last week or something, a freak thunderstorm, and then it's been around 40 degrees celsius since. Heaven help me. Although I hear that it can get up to 54 or something in Australia. You poor souls. I only wish it was 11 degrees again. That's comfortable weather...

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


  1. LOL Mary. That is funny about the jumper/sweater thing. :P
    I'm glad you were not in an area where there were tornados. Michigan had quite a few. But all were south of where I live. I do hope everyone struck in the torado areas are ok.

    I said hi to Derek for you Mary. Can't wait till you come on again.
    Miss you .

  2. Woah u guys like the cold weather

    its 12 degrees here in Australia and i'm wearing a JUMPER!

    and im still shaking

  3. :D yup, jumper's what we call them. Hahahah....'sweater'... :P

    I guess that the name sweater kind of makes more sense than jumpers tho...

    New Vegas xD I'm familiar with that game, although I dont have it. And Bioshock...forever? Floating city? INFINITES! That's what the latest one's called...damned mental blanks.

    There are a lot of amazing games like Oblivion, Bioshock, Dragon age 2, and Fallout that are indeed freaking awesome although I just do not have the money for :(

    Did I mention Portal 2? Are you a fan of that?

    Or are you a fan of Minecraft, or Terraria? *fingers crossed*

    It's cold-ish around here. Like, seven degrees min. But I guess that's not that cold for you...just like forty degrees is actually an ok day. Not that I'd go outside on a forty degree day, but still...

    I think I was going to say something else...A-HAH! Do you play on PC, X-box or PS3?