Saturday, 11 June 2011

Oh How Much Blogger Hates Me!

Yes, I am still unable to comment.

Soo....The new Bioshock is infinite. I mostly play on the 360 but I will play on other consoles. I do not own a PS3 so that is out of the question. Which also means not being able to get new Metal Gear Solid's. And my favourite games to play are things like, Fallout, Oblivion, Morrowind, Fable, Bioshock, etc, etc. And sorry Hellboy, I'm not much of a fan of minecraft and what have you. My one friend keeps telling me to play it, but alas, 'tis not my thing.

That's about all I'd like to say. And it's cooled down! A bit!

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


  1. I'm a PC player, through and through.

    I know a girl at school who plays almost all of those games. She's not a fan of minecraft, she hates call of duty...Lol, Grace, is that you? :P

    That's it. I'm officially going to save up and get one of the games we have mentioned so far, just to change my gaming style a little bit. I probably won't be allowed Bio-shock...What about Skyrim? Is that good? I guess I'm a bit afraid of a 10hr+ campaign, and that's why I generally dont buy those games.

    But i wonder how much it is... Or the Aus rating. Hmm...I'll be back...

  2. Aahk... The price is unknown at this stage, but the rating might be T for Teen or M for Mature... Mature was never really in my range, although my fifteenth b-day arrives in less than a month, so hopefully my dad will allow a wider range of games for me to buy/play. If not, then it's back to the drawing board for me...

    The other thing I noticed about Skyrim was that it's the fifth or so game in the series... I hate starting out that far in a series. Hopefully it won't have too many references to the previous games. If I get it, that is.

    Also, and I don't know if I mentioned this, but... By any chance, are you a fan of Half Life, at all? And I'm talking the first one, because while I know scores about it's predecessors, I do not own them -__-

  3. Mary hi!


    I might be able to solve your blogger problem if it's the same one that Dragona has.

    And the one that I had too.

    When you log onto blogger generally do you tick the stay signed in button? Because if you do then untick it and just log in each time you go onto blogger. Because that will allow you to comment. If you don't tick the always stay signed in button and you still have a problem then I'm stuck.

    But try it!