Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fliggen Hagen

...I pray thee Ashtoreth, please let that not mean anything. Especially not something offensive. That'd suck...

Anywho, Friday was a very interesting day. I apologized to at least five slugs, I did a lot of the grunt work for re-fencing the one area on my property, and I was out there for seven bloody hours! Yay Canada day. Damn posts. Well, now my shoulders are sore, and I have a killer headache from sunburn. It was around 27 degrees celsius. God it's hot! It is now somewhere around 21, which is a little bette,r but it is still really hot. The AC is on. *Sighs* I hate the summer.

I would not survive in places like Florida...Or Australia...Or...Well hot places. I like the fall. The temp. goes to about 13 degrees-ish. That's comfortable weather. *Sighs again*

But school's over with for now! Hu-freaking-zzuh!

I think that was the entirety of my rant...Now for this song:

(Blood Gulch Blues)

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


  1. YAY! Schools out!
    *hugs Mary*
    Sorry for the sunburn and headache you are suffering. :/
    I hope you are feeling better by now and that your pain didn't last for a long time.
    I really miss you around the blogs. I see that every time you have been on, I have not. :P

    Hopefully that will change soon. I'm just trying to survive this week and t henext week as my dad is on vacation, thereby home more often.

  2. Ugh I hate summer too! It's awful! I just check the temperature RIGHT now and it's 85 Fahrenheit which is about 29 Celsius. And it rained earlier today so this is a cool summer day T_T
    Autumn is my favorite season too :]