Monday, 25 July 2011

Speakers Eat Children, I Swear!

Hi, hi! It's been a long time I know...I kind of, well, completely forgot that blogs existed until I searched something up and it took me to a blog site. I beg pardon. But...

I'll probably sound like a heartless wretch for saying this, but I've never cried over a pet. Never. I think because I had always accepted the fact far before the action occured. It didn't impede on the time that was lived, it just didn't impact sadly on the that which eventually died. I think too, that I always understood what death meant...I haven't lost any really close relatives but I know that I will eventually, that too is...okay. It will happen because life dictates that that is so. Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

I remember when I was five we had a rat named Charlie. He was a great little thing that loved people, and we loved him in turn. However, Charlie got cancer. I remember the red bump on his hind leg. One night before bed I went to the basement to say good night to my parents. They had Charlie in the box that he had always loved to play in (don't ask me why), they said it was to comfort him in his passing. They told me to say goodbye to him because that was the last time I would see him. So I said goodnight and that he was the best rat anyone could ever have had. We buried him in that same box beneath the tree behind our house.

When I was nine or so, our goat died. Her name was Daisy. It was during the winter and at night, she goat sick. The other goats cast her out and she ended up freezing to death. We buried her in the garden.

When I was ten, we put my horse down. She was a good old girl, but she was suffering terribly. I hugged her one last time and said my goodbyes before school and she was gone by the time I got home.

When I was twelve, the cat that we had had since before I was born was put down while I was away at school. I came home, and the air was different. I knew he was gone but I asked anyway. They said he wouldn't eat or drink. They took him to the vet to see what was wrong and they said that he was at the end of his road. I smiled at my mom and said "I can't believe that old man survived for this long. What with all those brawls he got into with both cats and dogs alike. And for having to put up with me as a baby."  She smiled back.

At some point after that, our goat died two days after its birth. It wouldn't eat or sleep. And some time after that our other cat died. I call him the winter kitty, because he was only there for winter before a car ran over him.

There's more but I should probably stop...I got a little carried away there. One word of wisdom though, never ask me to comfort you. I don't know how.

Anywho, I had some creamy chocolate rum cake not too long ago. It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Yes, good enough to emphasis by spelling. Also, Adam Lambert is an amazing singer, take this for example:

Then there is the most epica bad timing ever in a movie. (It's from the ending of Stephen King's the Mist. If you are planning on watching the movie and don't want any spoilers, don't watch this.)

But to lighten the mood...(WARNING: Some swearing!)

That is all...

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi


  1. LOL Geez MAry. Your posts of all these poor critters dying made me sad!
    *pokes MAry*
    It's good to hear from you though! I can't believe you forgot about us!
    *pokes Mary some more*

    That's not allowed by the way. :P
    besides. We need an epica person around who will represent the EPICA country of Canada!
    So get your butt back on here!

    *hugs Mary*

  2. You don't seem like a heartless wretch for not crying. It just makes you seem more mature.

    As for the movies, Adam Lambert is good at singing, yep. And I've never seen the Mist so I skipped out on that one.

    But...omg... Red vs Blue xD

    I haven't seen them in ages! And now that I have, it's so awesome :D How did they get the characters to do all the free movement, like punching each other and so on? It's so cool!
    I must admit though, I don't like Tex.
    Have you seen the season 9 preview? It's epic xD with South and North...haha, I loved the bit with the coffee mugs.

    Sarge is pretty cool too.