Monday, 11 July 2011

A Tale of Two Poems

Just a small creature
I found in the snow.
A little sweet cat
who needed a home.

With tenderness I carried you
out from the cruel cold,
and settled you here
in the warmth of my love.

What joy you brought me
You made me laugh.
The way you acted haughty
when you really wanted a cuddle.

You acted offended
when I picked you up.
But your purr gave you away
You silly sweet cat!

Trouble did not wait
To tear us apart.
Because of my allergy
to the garage you were cast out.

Guilt played upon my heart
Every time that I saw
You standing by the window
Waiting to be let in.

Puzzle you were,
of why this sudden change.
I wish I could have told you
That I loved you still.

I did what I could
to show you my love.
Even though I could no longer touch.
I fed you, kept you safe or so I thought.

Then one day you became ill
I didn’t know what to do.
Anxiousness filled me deep inside
as I saw you suffer in solitude.
I had to take you to the vet
Her news was hard to take.
She said there was no hope for you.
My heart right then did break.

Poor sweet kitty, so trusting
To me you came and rested,
While the doctor gave you
the final countdown of your life.

Peacefully you went to sleep.
But nevermore will you wake.
My tears fall down on your fur.
Wishing that I was not a murderer.

Into a blue blanket went your body.
Still so soft and so cuddly.
Into the ground you went in short after.
To be covered in dirt in my back yard.

I look around at the clear summer sky
Warm gentle breezes brush past my tears.
Yet happiness is far from me.
My soul cries out in agony.

Oh little lost critter I have betrayed you!
My heart will never forget,
this moment, this day, this hour.
Devistated, for I buried you today.


This past week sucked major.
 It was one of the worst ever.
 I wished things could change
I wished I could make them better.

I had watched helplessly
as first one cat and then the other
were taken from me
before I knew what was happening. 

I turned to friends
and hid my guilt
that I was a traitor
to the ones I was to protect.

I read a few posts.
Some stopped my heart quick,
sending me reeling
into a bottomless pit.

Yet soon  I found strength.
Soon I found courage
to clime out of that pit
so that I could be with all of you.

I looked to the bright spots.
They carried me through.
Thalia's bravery, Mar's posts
Ann's kindness, and Hellboy's birthday.

There was plenty of reasons
to keep me from crying.
Celebrating you all
who come to the blogs.

Yet, forgive me please
if I just take a moment
to let go of my grief
though small it may seem.

My heart had been grieving for so long
before I met all in the SP gang.
Healing began when I met all of you.
Happiness blossomed as friendships bloomed.

Yet this blow that has struck me down
is not the first that left my heart bleeding.
If it does not stop I fear I should die.
Wasted away from all those times I cried.

A ray of light pierces my sadness.
Lifting up my eyes to all of your love.
Rising up I will come forth, 
take your hands and then rejoice.

Even in sadness
my heart will sing
with joy and laughter still!
For I have friends here
who I love and care for.
A gift from God that I treasure


  1. LOL
    Sorry. I just could not resist putting up that ridculous doodle that I did. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Hopefully it will lighten up this post of two poorly wriiten poems.
    I suppose if this post irriates or effect everyone to negitivily that I will remove it.

  2. Aww sad poem. Poor kitty. I love the pic at the top!!!! LOL Amazing again!

  3. The picture makes me laugh and the poems make me cry.

    They're just so amazingly written. You are very talented to be able to write so movingly and epicaness-ly.

    I really love these poems.

    Very sweet.

  4. OMG I don't know what I would do if my kittys died..My heart would be ripped into itty bitty pieces, and thrown into the wind. My cats are children or something. I feel for you Kal, I really do.

    Awesome Pic X'D

  5. That's so sad...



  6. Sad........................................ sad.............. poor cat.

  7. Kallista. I cried so hard when I read your poems, after getting a good laugh out of the picture. Your poor cat. I hope the light shines brighter for you soon.


  8. ~weeps~
    ~grabs Kallista and gives her a hug~
    Those poems were NOT poorly written at all! They were beautiful! So beautiful! And so sad! It brought tears to moisten my eyeballs!
    Amazing, Kallista!
    Amazing, amazing, amazing poems

  9. *hugs and hugs*

    I'm sorry your cats are gone. That was a sweet tribute. I'm glad the people here have helped you.


  10. Oh, it's so SAD and yet beautiful!

    I have lost too many pets to count, yet I cry every time I lose one!

    I like the picture, btw!