Monday, 8 August 2011

Garble, Garble! Oh, Woe is Me!

Ollo. *Giggles*

Yes Hellboy, I did see the season 9 preview. I also saw the first seven (is it seven now?) episodes. God, I love Caboose. And who doesn't like Sarge...Well...I know I do like him. Oh, right! That coffee cup thing was hilarious. Stupid guard...

Here is some Sarge related things!

Like his song, Forge World:

Or, some Sarge-isms:

Or how about this:

All rights belong to Rooster Teeth and Bungie and what have you obviously.

But here is something not RvB related. It's more Call of Duty related. I present the Legend of Karl. By theLegendofKarl I think...Anywho, it's funny.

Blessed be,

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  1. I'm not quite sure I understood the lyrics of the first movie, by the second was hilarious. "Ring ring, hello? Yep, you're dead."

    I've watched the one with the meta before. I loved "You were going to say explode, weren't you?"

    XD Made me crack up. Plus I like the part with the warthog and meta chase, especially where Sarge gets his shotgun and goes to deliver the one-liner...and misses x)

    I saw the LegendofKarl thing too :D He's so epic! I loved the part at the end, 'specially, where they walk in slow motion and there's all the explosions :)

    God, I love gaming.

    You know what sucks, though? I've been talking to my friends about getting Fallout New Vegas, and yesterday they put the price down to $20!
    But my dad said no -__- And it's such an epic game, too. Being fifteen should entitle me to at least some of those games, right?

    I'll do a post on here soon about some vids you might like as well, but right now I'm off to school. Cya!