Monday, 12 September 2011

Kallista Is Burning

It's getting to be that time again. I'm talking about when the leaves change color and are so incredibly beautiful the trees almost rival me for my own beauty!
But then the leaves fall and the racking begins. After racking the leaves into piles, the leaves then get transferred to the wheel barrel. I push the wheel  barrel up the hill to the back of the house where the fire pit is. From there the leaves get dumped out into the fire pit and BURN!!!
But there are so many leaves and they get slippery. Last year I slipped, fell into the pit, and got BURNED! I seemed to get burned a lot last year.
Besides the fire pit incident there was the pressure cooker situation, *shudders* some chemical burns from cleaning with heavy duty cleaners, sunburns, and of course grease burns from cooking.
I thought of all of this while taking the corn on the cob out of  the boiling water with tongs only to have it slip from the tongs back into the boiling hot water and splashing me with it.
Now I have little angry red marks on my face and neck. I will have to go to school this way.
My neck is bothering me right now. It's nothing bad. Just irritating. But with all my burns I have  been getting, ( I know you are all perplexed! How can a graceful beautiful queen be involved in so many incidences? Well, I don't know. It's a mystery to me too!)
I can only hope that this year as I rake leaves that I won't be part of a Final Destination scenario! I hope I don't go up in smoke!
Wish me luck my friends! Wish me luck! !


  1. Good luck Kal!!
    And I was in fact wondering how someone as graceful as yourself could get into soo many accidents. I was gonna ask, but, you said it was a mystery even to you so there is no point in asking.
    Which leaves me with nothing else to say... Sorry about that.
    P.S Good Luck... Again ;)

  2. Good Luck my dear!

    Dratnation to those burns!

    I burned myself on the oven about a week ago. I feel your pain!

  3. my sisters the same...

    remember - under the cold tap IMMEDIATLY. chem burns to hospital if serious, or any if blisters.
    also, make sure you put anti-septic cream on any at all.
    plus itching usually means its healing.
    now off to bed with you, its getting late, and you have school tommorrow!

    yeah, just call me auntie-gracie... ¬_¬

  4. LOL *hugs VEn*
    Thaks for reading and commenting my friend. I wrote this when I was WAY to tired and should have been asleep. :P

  5. *hugs Kallista*

    Good luck, Kal! I hate getting burned. A few years ago I burned the entire tip of my pointer finger on my right hand with hot glue at camp. It turned into a huge blister, which somehow I ended up biting a hole through. I really should stop scratching those things with my teeth....

    Anywho. I how you don't get burned anymore! *hugs*

  6. Awww, good luck, Kal!

    Ah, how I LOVE Autumn! I used to hide in the leaves and then jump out...

    ...but it's spring here.


  7. Good luck Kallista.

    Haha, sorry i havent been able to be around with exams and homework being loaded on and all.

    take it easy :)