Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I Like Cheese

Now that I have stated an obvious, universal truth, I will explain why.

In Skyrim, cheese is life. Sometimes finding and buying health potions is hard or expensive. Cheese wheels on the other hand are not...

In any case, Skyrim is awesome.

In the game, I am a Breton. I use a one-handed sword. Giants are scary, Thu'ums are awesome, Dragons breathe fire, and Faendal is my bestest friend (he's my follower.). I've had only the most 5 glitches so far. Which is great for me considering that I seem to be a glitch magnet. And I've saved only 200 times. I'm so proud of myself. (Yes, I have saving issues. My record is 800 in one day.) My dumbest glitch was probably when I fought a Draugr Scourge (an undead guy, also a mage), and once he was dead he started sliding away. I couldn't keep up and he slid down through the opening that led to the next area in the game, never to be seen again. Needless to say, all my hard work paid for nothing, and poor little me was left slightly obsessed.

Anyway, I went on a baking tangent and made cookies and brownies last night (all from scratch). Tonight I'm probably making banana bread...I felt like saying it, so I did.

Hellboy, I liked your (The Fallen) post. A very beautiful poem. I'm sorry for being a part of the Fallen. I haven't had anytime. My internet sucks. And when I can go on and I do have time, I'm too tired to do it. (I can only really go on during the weekend and SOMETIMES during lunch here at school. I only have 40 minutes.)

I actually have to go to class about now anyways...Actually wait...I have a few minutes to spare today because I'm on this floor for class today...

Know this though Hellboy, and everyone else. I will always be here even when I'm gone. The Fallen being a term used is proof of that...And any other silly thing I've ever said.

Ooh! A show you should check out (if you're older than let's say...16? 17? maybe) is Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler (english name). I'll write about it more later and provide for pictures but right now I have to go!

Blessed be,
I'll Always be,
Miss Mary Hiashi

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  1. :D I have heard so much about it recently...Neaaargh I want it so bad xD

    I should be getting it for Christmas. How many dragons hath you slain so far? (feels like saying 'hath')

    Also, I... I really need to think just a tad before I go posting poems like that. I did it once before and it ended up more or less the same with me apologizing to people...

    I know you're all tired and stressed, and I do no good by writing a poem to try and bring you all round. It just adds to your burdens ._.

    I'm only fifteen, so I might not check it out just yet...