Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My, My, What Awfully Strange Times.

There is currently no snow outside. Tomorrow it will be 11 degrees celsius (or so I've heard). It's DECEMBER. DE-FREAKING-CEMBER! No snow and it's warm.

I live in Canada. In Canada we get snow from (usually) late October to quite possibly March...Last year we had it till May I think (off and on). But we've had a thin, note THIN, layer of snow for...a day? I'm concerned, confused, and awe-shocked...I am at a  loss for words...

In any case, I finally got my Christmas shopping done, I'll start baking next week I think. I can't wait for holidays to start. (Last day of school is the 23, we go back on the 9th as I'm sure you may already know.)

I haven't been able to play Skyrim much...Damn school and home stuff to be done. Brother is farther than me....and I don't apprieciate it.

Matcha in ice cream (vanilla) or if you can buy it) is delicious. I'm also trying to read a book called Ashes, Ashes, but I again haven't had the time. And you know what really sucks, when I have had time, I've been too tired to do anything but sleep. I've fallen asleep on the couch, my mother's bed, and the floor. Mostly the couch though. School is one hell of an annoyance.



Oh, look, it's raining.

On the bright side I've had some time at lunches to work on the book I'm writing. And I was all proud of myslef when I managed to translate something. It went...

In Italian:
Il cuore ha sue ragione che ragioni conosce. (Or something)

And in French (I got stuck on ragione and ragioni):
Le cuore sait raison, que le raison connait pas. (Again, or something.)

Which is: The heart knows reason, which reason does not know...

Crap, I have to go to class...

Blessed be,
Mary Hiashi

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    *tackles MAry in a hug and noogie*

    *taps foot crazily*

    *other foot gets jealous and starts tapping too*

    *soon Kallista is stuck in a crazy never ending tap dance duel between her too feet*

    You got snow yet? We have a thing layer now. It's cold enough it has not melted away. :D
    I like it. It's very pertty. Just don't like icy roads. :P