Monday, 28 March 2011


Hi there! Today, my fellow friends and minions of Derek, we are all going to learn a little thing about shotguns.

Now, I must say, I am not a complete expert with this sort of thing, and yes, a lot of my information comes from computer game-related topics. So, there is a small chance that I will be completely wrong.

SO! The first thing we are all going to learn about shotguns, is that they are not like normal guns.

Shotguns do not have normal bullets. Where you might think 'If I shoot at a target one kilometre with a shotgun, the bullet will at least reach that distance in a sort of straight line.'

Sorry, but that's incorrect.

To somehow clear things up, let's get some pictures up in here. My character, Israel, has a shotgun that is perfect for what I want to talk about.

This is exhibit A.

And exhibit B.
Ah, much better.

Ok, so his weapon is something called a Double Barrel Shotgun. Say it with me, class. That's right.

The title practically refers to what it is. It's a shotgun. With two barrels.
This gun, however, is more commonly referred to as a sawn-off, because of the way that both the stock (the butt of the gun, the end that presses against your shoulder) and the barrels (um, i'm guessing you all know these) are sawn off of the gun. This allows for easily carrying around the gun and hiding it under, say, a jacket.

But no, that does not mean that you can have a sawn-off bazooka. That would just be way too silly :P

Where was I? Ah yes, teaching. Alright, so now I want to get on to the actual 'bullets' that this beast of a gun shoots.

In Exhibit B, do you see those green cylinder-looking things? Those are called shotgun shells. In this particular gun, it can only hold two at a time.

If you look closely at the shells in Exhibit B, you can also see the gold rim on the outside. Take note of that.

With a double-barrel, there is a sort of flick-switch thing (visible in Exhibit A, if you can spot it. It's on the top, nailed into position by one of the screws) that, when flicked to the side, lets the barrels fall forward a little way on a hinge. This is what we call a Break Barrel. Because the barrel of the gun is breaking in half.

And quite obviously, sitting very tight and cozily in the barrels there, are the tops of two gold-rimmed shotguns shells. (exhibit A.)

Now then, i'm not quite sure about the mechanisms of it all, but from what i know, the trigger gets pulled, hammers swing backward and then forward, making contact with the metal rims of the shells and creating a spark. The spark sets off the gunpowder inside the shells (i don't know how it does, please don't ask) and instead of a bullet being let loose, many SMALLER  bullets do. Pellets, really. But flying at such a high rate that they are deadly.
The moment these pellets leave the barrel, or buckshot, as it is actually called, it spreads out in all directions, covering a wide amount of space.

Shotguns do not shoot very far. A good one will most likely shoot one hundred metres. A bad one, probably only fifteen. By the time the buckshot has reached the target, is has spread out to a wide area, and will most likely make a large mess of whoever it is being fired at.

So, when you are writing, and you say 'The bullet missed him by inches', try and remember if you are writing about a shotgun, because if you are, it would most likely be not missing them by inches, and instead either shooting them to bits, or they dive out the way and it causes havoc to whatever's behind them.
Therefore, a shotgun blast cannot whiz past your head, because i assure you, if someone has a shotgun to your face, there is no such thing as a warning shot, unless it is directed into the air. No way could you judge exactly where each and every piece of buckshot is headed.

Alas, the double barrel shotgun is a very old gun indeed. Nowadays, we have automatic shotguns, which are practically shotguns but they shoot continuously.

For instance, here we have the AA12. Watch this youtube video:

And that's just about all i had to say.

I am not in a mood, i am not taking a dig at anyone, and i'm not pissed. Just so you all know....i re-read this and it kinda sounded like I was annoyed at everyone :/ I'm not, i swear! You're all awesome!


  1. huh. well now i think i may have to change some things in the fanfic...

  2. Awwwww, man!
    *hides sawn-off bazooka behind her back*

    Thanks for the awesome lesson Hellboy! :) In truth I cna't see your chacacter missing anyways when he shoots. But yeah, this clears up a lot for me. Cause I really know nothing about weapons.
    I was wondering though, with your OC's weapon, you put in the bio that the bullits are rigged with wave of blue energy, capable of either knocking out multiple enemies or breaking through walls.
    Can the blue energy make the bullets go farther too?
    This is one thing I never knew or thought about. The distance of the bullets. I just thought that all bullets from guns went really far or something. LOL I'm just really ignorant. :P
    Anyhow, this was really a cool and educational post for me. I did not think you sounded annoyed or anything bad like that Hellboy!
    Thanks for the awesome post!

  3. LOL Hellboy. I like automatic shotguns. They rule!
    I knew all this stuff already, but it's an awesome post! Thanks for posting!

  4. Thanks Hellboy! That was actually very interesting!

    I think one of my down-falls in my writing is that i have no clue what so ever about weapons. High five Kallista! *trys to high five kallista and falls over*

    What. So. Ever.

    'Cause when i read books and they talk about weapons- AK47s and such (thats about the only name of a gun i know except for the one you told me about) i just dont understand what it is and just think "well. Its a gun. So it shoots an' stuff."

    But I think i do need to know a little more about weaponry to become a better writer so i do thank you for that! ;)

    You've inspired me hellboy! Now....what can I teach you all about?


    Ok class, now we're gonna learn about Sherlock!

    *looks across empty seats* class?

    *sees everyone running out of the building as fast as they can*


  5. Oh! And I know a 'Browning' as well.

    *everyone raises eyebrows at her*

    OK! I got it from a sherlock fan-fic! Stop mocking me and my small gun knowledge!

  6. Oh! I love brownies!

    * a smurf comes and biffs her on the head and whispers in hr ear*

    OOOooooOOOOooooooh! A BROWNING! Not a brownie...ok. No, I've never eaten a browning.

    *looks down sadly and gets biffed in the head again by a smurf*

  7. Kal, you're not ignorant! None of the bloggers in Dereksville Blogland are.
    And...hmm... I've never thought about that, if the blue wave would send the pellets further... I guess that no, because the blue energy was never meant to be faster than the buckshot, and also it has about a half a second delay after the trigger is pulled.

    Generally, a double barrel would not shoot as far as, say, the AA12. I am yet to find out the exact range, but I'm sure that it can't be very far.

    Did you mean a 50. Cal Browning, Skylara? I know them ;) they're really powerful machine guns.
    And an Ak47 is a Russian made, fully automatic, wonderfully destructive Assault Rifle. Because the gun is cheap, easily made, and never jams up, you will notice a LOT of terrorists in movies or in real life that are using it.

    Guns are just cool to me, I guess. And now that I know a lot of them, during movies with my family or friends I'll occasionally be mumuring 'Yup, that's an AK-74u....a Gewer 3... Squad Automatic Weapon right there...' everytime a gun battle happens ;)

    Yes, well, this is very good Hellboy and you got most of the information right. The only thing that i see wrong (and its not that its wrong, its just not right) is the way you said the gun actually fires. You can see up in exhibit A that there are smaller circles on the gold part of the shotgun shell, that's actually what fires the round. In the chamber of the gun, a small pin is housed, that pin is called the firing pin. When you pull the trigger, the firing pin comes forward and strikes the little round part, triggering the cordite (bullets don't actually use gunpowder anymore) and that makes the round move forward.

  9. WOAH!


    ...but WHY do u think we'll use this knowledge?

    *opens closet full of shotguns*



    *steps back*

    I was never here, ok?

  10. :D Thank's Lizzy! I knew i was wrong, just not sure how. And cordite? Hmmm, i've never heard of that before. I need to brush up on my gun-knowledge...

  11. Double-barrel shotguns are by far the most accurate and deadly at long range (e.g. skeet-shooting or duck hunting)

    Honestly im not fond of modern shotguns, double-barrels usually do the trick quite nicely, the Winchester Model 1200 and the Remington 870 are nice pump-action shotguns, but overall, im not too fascinated by shotguns

    Assault Rifles, Kalishnikovs, H&K G36, M4 Carbines and the FN SCAR are all magnificent guns.

    Sniper Rifles (CheyTac Intervention, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare L96A1) and Certain Pistols (M1911, Beretta M9) mainly tickle my fancy :)

  12. M1911 for the freaking win. Nice choices there, Alex.

    Seeing as how my character has a sawn-off version of a double barrel, the range and accuracy would be somewhat ruined. But i like it how it is :)

    Scar is beast. I have to say though, for assault rifles i always enjoyed the XM8. And i have taken a personal liking to the weapon that i see most Aussie troops carrying- the AUG Bullpup design. Heeeeell yeah.

  13. Yaay! I actually knew some stuff about shotguns before this!!
    ~jumps around, happy~
    I think I learned what i knew about them from video games too... but I don't now what video games because I really don't play games like that. I mean, beside Star Wars which I haven't played for ages. Did they even have a shotgun in Star Wars... I THINK they did....

  14. yeah, i think they did too...was it a...'scattergun' or something?

  15. Haha yeah. The sawn-off would be brilliant for really close range, The XM8 is amazing, (Battlefield Bad company 2 :P)

    I think i mgiht do some writing, how good is kallistas latest part>? 19 pages!! OMG!!!

  16. I don't remember, Hellboy :P
    I really did like that game, but our ps2 was gone and Star Wars had been in it. We only just got a new ps2 recently. I haven't gotten the game yet. I think I would probably have liked Halo, but I'm not allowed to play M games. So the only 1st person shooter games I've played are Star Wars Battlefront I and II, and Tribes Areal Assault. Which is ancient. :P

  17. SW: Battlefront 1 & 2 are pretty awesome. You probably already know this, but if you are in SWB 2 and you do Assault in Mos Eisly, instead of playing as all of the regular troops you get to play as each and every hero player in the game, which is awesome.

    Also, in Hoth (SWB 1 now), if you go to the cave where there are the ships that you can fly, go to the mouth of the cave and hop on one of the Taun Tauns ( those two-legged things that you can ride. There should be two o them over to the left side of the mouth of the cave)
    I'm not sure on the exact details of the glitch, but I think if you ram the part of the wall behind where the Taun Tauns were (check it out on the internet, i'm probably wrong...) reaaally fast, you'll glitch through it and be inside the actual wall. Best part is, you can shoot others, but they can't shoot you :D

    I've never played Battlefield, which sucks cos I hear it's such a great game. Plus, it's like MA 15+, and my dad doesn't let me play most Ma's.

  18. Well I too know nothing about guns!

    So that was interesting.

    I don't get peoples fascinations with guns?

    Explain please!!!

    Why do you like these objects of agonising death?

    (not sarcasm just curiosity)

  19. It's not so much that i like them for what they are... more of what's inside know?

    I mean, i have absolutely no intention of going to war, or ever shooting someone. Sure, my character might. And yes, i play a variety of games that include shooting the crap out of people...and then there's the movies....

    But in all seriousness, i rather have a fascination of the mechanisms of it. And the names, the modifications, the way that the bullets are fired out of the gun. It all just fascinates me greatly for some reason... no-one else seems to understand it, unless they're either really good at computer games or just have seen a LOT of action movies...

    And yes, maybe a good deal of society frowns upon me for harvesting this knowledge, however pitiful it may seem, but i think it's rather awesome to know this information. As useless in the future as it may be, it entertains me, i guess. I am only fifteen :P