Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hello, my name Isn't Ishmael

I think when I write a letter, I'll start it with something like "BOOM-SHAKKA-LAKKA!"
To gain the reader's attention.

Did it work? Yes?

Hello, Israel, Kallista, Mary, Alexander, Lizzy, Octa, and Lenka.

To be honest, I didn't know where I was going when I began this by typing out the title, which popped into my head for um, no apparent reason. :P

But now I have some clue.

To be honest, I began it because it's been waaaay too long since anyone's posted here, and just showing up brought back Awesome memories! Remember how we were just chatting on Hell's blog when we made it? Remember how excitedly we talked about what we would post? THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Why are those moments so rare these days?
I don't know. Do you?

Well, I think it's partially because of chats and partially because of evil people [which can't be helped], but to be honest, I LOVED chatting on the blogs. I still do, but it's so rare nowadays since chats are so much easier to chat on, and because they allow much more time to do side things... Because we're rarely fully paying attention to our friends.

Anyway, yes, I understand we all have excuses, and I know we can't Really go back to the old days. But you know what you can do? YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND RUB OFF ONO EVERYONE ELSE!! Having fun is fuuuuunnn 8]
Partially it's writing stories and posting randomly for no good reason! After all, it's utterly fun! ;]
But otherwise it's being so excited to get online so you can talk to these people so far away!
That's epica!
And Derek Landy's blog! Where I would go and so things like "Oh, GREAT Derek Landy! If you grace me with your... eyes... by reading this..." lol.

I still love Derek, and I still love y'all. 8]

I won't ever stop either because you... You gave me the world. Literally!  I'm not just quoting "While You Were Sleeping" [and you haven't seen that movie, YOU NEED TO! RIGHT NOW!]


And very, very silly, of course. 8-P
That's the best part of being amazing!

DON'T WORRY! That date has passed! You won't be fined ;]

Oh, and probably you too... Just saying.... ~shifty eyes~


  1. *hugs Skyril* Love this post! :D You always know how to make me smile. You have been through a lot and keep on going, working sometime to be friends with people who seemed to care less and let other things come between them. Sometimes times are easy and the friendship can be fun. But sometimes it's tough and one needs to fight to stay in touch. But the toughness never lasts if one sticks to it.
    I am a real person, not just another computer program. Just cause you can’t see me smile or see my tears does not mean my feelings and who I am can be so easily dismissed and disrespected. Thank you Sky for going beyond the call of friendship to be kind and long suffering with those who would treat you lest then worthy then ruin your good name with lies.
    You are amazing. I can take heart because of you and some others on here. Thank you.

    1. ~hugs tight~

      Thanks for this, Kal.
      I fail a lot, but I'll keep trying. :]

      Love you, sister.

    2. You are not a failure. *hugs back tight8 Love you sweetie. You are one of the most dedicated on here. You have put up with so much yet still remain our fantastic beloved Skyril. :D

  2. Sorry I never posted a comment >.<

    Oh my good lord it's been a while since I've looked at this blog. I'm going to go read the dictionary after I'm done with this post. FDoaijwiwoejawkocmeoijawl memories.

    Those days /were/ fun. I think, even though it would be pretty hard, we could still do it again. I don't know why it's harder now than it was back then, especially with timezones. But now that you have to go to the library to get in contact with us, it's been extremely hard to catch you XD I woke up at 5:30am today just to see if I could chat to ya but it turns out you were gone for a couple of days, I think ._. I'll just try harder :P

    *hugs* Thanks for posting. The pictures are great, too XD

    1. Yes, I wish we could do it again, and it would be hard. Part the problem would be with me too because of how little I seem to be able to get on. :/
      I hate that.
      I'm so sorry I missed you too. Gr.

      Anyway, at least I can try to get back to it in the background with whispers when I appear :P