Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just Wondering

I was wondering since this became a communal thing if we shouldn't allow some of the other bloogers to post.

But it would ruin the name and it would end up like The Four Elementals (which has 5 people in it).

And people like Valkyrie would laugh at our inability to count and such.

But what do you all think?


  1. Wel Octa. We have plenty of epica friends who could contribute quite a bit to this blog.
    You could rename the blog, The Eight Great Immortals and Friends. Or The Eight Great Immortals and the Rest of the SP Gang. (LOL, sorry if it sounds silly) We could still call it TEGI.
    If anyone wants to be part of it, let them make a request to you Octa. You then can decide if you want them to be a part of it.
    I have long wished for the rest of the original SP gang to be part of this. Darkane, Skylara, Sarthacus, Dragona, Nicolette, Flo, Thor, Aquila, and Leo. All of these people are incredible people and incredible writers.
    Then there are the ones who came to be part of the SP gang later that we are just as close too. Skulgirl, Nyx, Rosella, Morgana, Mar, Thalia, Pyro, Lily, Bryony, Tristessa, Quinn, Rachel, and quite a few more.
    I think it would be cool to have all of these people be part of it.
    It will mean more work for you Octa which means less time with me, I mean with us!
    *looks around hoping no onw noticed her slip*
    That is all I have to say for now. :D

  2. Hmmm, i think maybe a new blog could be made by some one (not me!) for the aforementioned gang *points to Kallista's comment* I think TEGI should be just for the eight of us ^^ its a like private club

  3. Was that a really subtle way of telling me not to post anything else? ;] I bet it was...

    It's good with all of us being able to post, because not everything can be picked up by one person. Efficiency is awesome, so with eight people who can post and one who has admin abilities (yeah, after I'm done with those errors, you can remove me from the admin list), we're bound to have a smooth blog where everything runs fine.
    And it wouldn't be like the five elementals (wait...four?) because the name says the Eight Great Immortals, not The One Great Immortal. That's how the name goes, I didn't choose it.

  4. ...............wait, how many people are authors 4 the 8 great immortals?

  5. Wait what Hellboy?

    The subtletly eludes me.

    I'm just confused. I don't do subtle me :)

    But the nice thing about the eight great immortals is that there are 8 people who can post.

    Your One Great Immortal thing still confuses me.

    If we have 10-20 authors we are no longer the eight great immortals.

  6. ? But there arent 10-20 different immortals. Ahhhhhk.....I thought this was about the rest of us being able to post. It's :P
    Just forget my confusing talk. Because now I'm confused. Have people been saying that they want to be an immortal as well? Because then, unfortunately, they can't. And now that I'm thinking about it, it might of been a bad idea to have this as a mini club...because then others will want to join. And as the name suggests, they can't.
    But if you do want to join, hear this: You are not missing on anything. The Eight Great's are just eight bloggers. We aren't kings. We dont want your money or worship. All we have is the privilege of posting on another blog- that's it.

    Am I wrong? Is this, once again, not what everyone's talking about? -__-

  7. People know its just a name and that we're just bloggers. It is about us beinbg able to post.

    I just thought other bloggers wouldd want to post.

  8. Thalia jut made another blog. We could possibly use that...

    ..weeeeeeell, the blog was origonally made for...people who like to explode things. Thalia IS a sort of pyromaniac.

    *looks around* seem to like exploding things...

  9. Only thing im wondering about is why no-one continued their original stories, the only things apart from the people themselves that kept me here :P everyone just got tired of them?

  10. ~shrugs~
    It's just a name. And I really never minded people laughing at me 'cause that's what THEY think and they don't know any better. :]
    I vote
    Let's do it! :3

  11. By the way, Kallista's having trouble with her parents because they think she's a bad influence on here and have made her say she won't come on anymore. Although she does sneak on occasionally, but I want to make her parents see how great an influence she is and how much we love her and would miss her if she ever left. So, I'm trying to get everyone to post a blog entry on his or her blog saying exactly what he thinks of Kallista and how he would be if he left.
    So anyone that sees this comment and would miss Kallista's absence, post some such on our blog!

  12. And I know y'all would all miss Kallista, so, as I said before, NO SLACKING OFF!

  13. I don't want to end up like the 5 Four Elementals!
    Dearest me!