Monday, 30 May 2011

You will never see this sort of thing happen again

Ok, so here's the deal. Me and my dad are driving back from an Appleseed on one of those little back roads that twist and turn and go all over the place. I've been on my feet since 6AM and am hot, sweaty, and covered in bug spray, so you can image I'm in a lovely mood :P

So I'm in the passenger seat with my window down and my dad is driving and we're just going along, talking about the shoot and how it went and such when all of a sudden we hear this god awful noise. It sounded like a little kid was getting murdered and for a second I thought my dad had run someone over. I look out my window trying to find what made that noise (it was LOUD) and standing in the driveway of some dude's house is peacock. An honest to god PEACOCK.

It was all puffed up and its tail feathers were all spread out like you see in books and it watched as we drove by. I grabbed the camera and dad turned the truck around so we could take some pictures.

By the time we turned around it wasn't puffed up anymore

LOL, that license plate is so funny XD

I always thought peacocks were about the size of chickens or maybe a bit bigger, but this guy was huge! He must have been eight feet from head to tail. And he screamed again as we were driving away, man that thing is LOUD! It had my ears ringing, literally.

And now to raise the question, where do you get a peacock anyways?


    Peacocks are so beautiful. They are an exotic bird. It seem sto me that owning one would be illegal. Bu tI don't know.
    Awesome story though Lizzy! Thanks for posting!

  2. They are actually not that uncommon here. Maybe the climate is better for them? Sometimes I see them for sale on CL. Probably get them from someone who breeds pheasants, or you can order them from hatcheries... here you go:

  3. And the license plate is epic. I love it!

  4. Haha! That's awesome! It's so rare to see any kind of wild life on the road unless your on the Natchez Trace, and to see a PEACOCK!
    That's epica.

  5. *grins*
    In my facourite zoo they have peacocks walking around freely... ^^