Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Wonderfulness That Is Bob Hale

Now I know that this show only airs in the UK (probably). But Horrible Histories is a brilliant show that makes history interesting! Well I've always found history fascinating but for those people who don't already love history this show makes history interesting. One of my favourite sketches are The Bob Hale Reports. So I've decided to gather all of them in one place to watch when I want to. I'll update it when new ones come out. And I apologise for the quality of 3 reports but they're the only ones on youtube so they'll have to do.

1. The Roman Report

2.  The Stone Age Report

3. The British Empire Report

4. The Viking Report

5. The Crusades Report

6. The Civil War Report

7. The Incan Report

8. The Protestant and Catholic Report

9. The French Revolution Report

10. The Pharoh Report

11. The War of the Roses Report

12. The American Report

13. The Anglo Saxon Report

Isn't he wonderful?


  1. LOL, this guy is HILARIOUS!!!

    I never thought I would like I'm actually looking forward to studying it next semester!


    Yes, Octa. He is wonderful...

  2. Just so you know, I have looked at your epic post here Octa. I have not been able to watch the videos yet. Having trouble with bufferin g and all that.
    SO! I will look at it again Monday when my dad is gone and I can have the time to wait for videos to buffer all the way through. :)

  3. New video added!

    I doubt that anyone will notice.

    But still I added it.