Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hi, guys!
Terribly sorry I haven't come or commented here for a really long time!
I have lots of excuses, but excuses are boring... Don't you agree? :P

But, hey, I've been noticing something. See, I was going through the list of blogs I follow in order to clean it up just a little, [mainly to delete a couple of unwelcome blogs that sneaked... unwelcomely into my blog followers list] and when I clicked on a blog to see whose it was or to see the latest post, it seems just about everybody hasn't posted anything since June-December of last year O_o
What on earth??
What happened last year around that time to make everybody so suddenly disappear [without my permission too!]?

I miss them.

I wish they would come back.

It's fun here, right?
What changed that made them all leave?
There are SO many people I haven't seen or spoken to for ages!
Some of which, for example, are Ann Marie, Alexander Necros, Lenka Sweet, Everisse Eterna, Nyx Dawn, Ghost Writer, Pandora, Jaffa Morbid, Rubescent Sunshine, Geckogirl [A.K.A. Skulgirl or Skylara Wolfsbane], Evangeline Crow, Crescent, Vivianna Spark, Rachel, Leo, Sarthacus Bolt, Chanoro Flashfreeze, Quinnera Elviana, Blood Butterflies, and Florence Black and Nicolette Croga and ThatLakinsonGuy [the last three I have seen once or twice as of late]. Also Mary Hiashi, I know you post here sometimes, but we miss you! You should come on more :]

That's... that's a lot of people, and I may not have even mentioned all of them.

What happened?
I mean, sure, sometimes people just get too busy to come online, but are they really all THAT busy for THAT many months? They could at least stop by or pop in every now and then.
I would like that.

And by the way, not only that, but a BUNCH of blogs I clicked on said something like, "This blog was deleted." or "This blog no longer exists." or "There is no blog called-"

Have people been deleting their blogs?


I want my friends to come back!


  1. Hey Skyril! *hugs*
    Some of them are coming back. :D I have seen some around FB and have gotten some to come on the one chat. (You know the one) ;D
    Sarth has posted a couple times on his blog. Nicolette and Alex and Jaffa are around too. Jaffa left a message on her post about skyping people. I hope people saw that who skype. I can only hope some of the others come back too.
    I hope we can all get them on chat or the blogs some day. it would be epica.

    1. I hope they ALL come back!
      It's been far too long, and I miss them

  2. I have to say I agree!
    Some of these people I haven't met but I can tell they are greatly missed.

  3. I completely agree with this. It would be fantastic to see some of those people come back online, even for a little bit.

    I can't even remember the last time I spoke to Leo or Skylara.

  4. Yes what happened people! I'd love to see you around again. I miss you all!

  5. Definitely agree :)
    And btw guys i've started writing again haha, feels so strange after such a long time but i'll try and get something up in the next few weeks!

    1. Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex!
      Yay ~Hugs~
      I definitely want to read it :D
      And I want to see you around MORE!
      On the blogs and on the chat too :3
      You know the password for the new chat, right?

    2. Yeah i know the password but i dont know the url :S

      I'll try to be on, i only have a few months left of school and then im done, after that i can be on very frequently im sure :P

    3. Url---

      Octa, Gep, Hellboy, Kal and I just went to Derek's blog :D
      Would love to see you there!

      And GOOD! I can't wait :D

  6. ~Frowns~ Neither can I...
    I wonder what's happened.

  7. I changed the url guys
    Its at:

  8. *wanders in on the offchance*
    Um...hey guys :)
    ....I've really missed you too! *hugs all* I have been quite busy lately but that's still no excuse. I'm going out now but I'll come back on later with a bit more of an explanation and to catch up.