Thursday, 21 April 2011

Derek Landy Is Awesome

Indeed he is. About a month ago I asked Derek 64 questions. Today on the blog...

Derek Landy said...

Octa's questions:

1. Do you have a middle name? If so what is it?

I think it’s Joseph, but I could be wrong. It could be Garrett. I’m not sure. Derek isn’t even my real name, it’s just one that I’ve been using since I was born.
2. Did you know Derek Landy is an anagram of Deryn Dalek? (I’m odd I know)

I did know that, actually. It’s one of my favourite facts.
3. What is Desmond Edgley’s true name?

Don’t know! He doesn’t know either!
4. Is Mevolent truly dead? (The same way Lord Vile was believed to be dead but isn’t). Will he return?

Mevolent is dead. Anything more than that, I can’t say for certain.
5. Does Kenspeckle have a brother?

He used to, but he died years ago.
6. How did the Faceless Ones arrive on Earth in the first place?

That’s one of the great mysteries of the world…
7. Will you give us a random (it can be irrelevant but must be TRUE) fact about Book 8?

Book 8??? Good God… No, I don’t think I can, not until I solidify the final trilogy in my head.
8. How did Oisin die?

He fell over a bucket.
9. Have you written yourself out of the proverbial corner of the powerful Jitter Girls yet?

Oh yes. There’s only one person who could possibly defeat the Jitter Girls… mwahaha...
10. What day is your birthday? (More specific than October please!).

October 23rd- the same day (though obviously not the same YEAR) that Skulduggery died.
11. How does it feel to be the Golden God of thousands of little minion-y fans?

It feels overwhelmingly right.
12. Have you decided who to dedicate the remaining 4 books to? How about us minions?

I know exactly who the next four will be dedicated to- and I’m not saying!
13. What magical powers would Crystal and Carol have when they reached 21 (if they are able to do magic).

That all depends if they decided to be Adept or Elemental...
14. What is Valkyrie’s address? 

15. Is Haggard a real town?

It’s a combination of Rush, Lusk and Skerries in North County Dublin- mostly Rush.
16. How on earth are you going to torture Tanith now she is inhabited by a remnant? What could be worse? Because you do intend to torture her in each book yes?

I don’t think there COULD be anything worse than her current state, so she might be safe from me for a while.
17. Will you write a prequel series?

No. I thought about it, but couldn’t find the enthusiasm.
18. What was the last thing Skulduggery ever ate?

Steak. Mmmmmm steak...
19. How did Beryl react when she discovered the brooch was missing?

I don’t think she’s actually noticed yet…!
20. The series seems to be composed of “trilogies”. The first one dealt with the Faceless Ones. The next seems to be all about Necromancy (Darquesse, Remnants and Lord Vile). What is the last trilogy about?

You’ll find out…!

21. Who is the Unnamed?

This will be answered in the books or not at all.
22. Can you answer the question you’ve always wanted to be asked but never have here?

Yes. The answer is: naturally.
23. What is the life story of Skulduggery’s first partner?

This will be answered in the books or not at all.
24. Will Scapegrace and Thrasher remain zombies until they decompose or will they ever return to life?

I haven’t decided yet...!
25. Does Skulduggery ever learn about China leading his family into the trap?

This will be answered in the books or not at all.
26. What does Skulduggery do with his spare head?

He keeps it in his hat room.
27. Will Cat die now Tesseract is too dead to look after him?

No, Cat is now living with Tesseract’s neighbour, Gertrude.
28. Do you like the name Aggoroth Shandular?

It is a fine name.
29. What century did Oisin come from?

One of the early ones.
30. Where is the soul located? Does Nye ever find out?

Only I know the answer to that one…
31. How many Jitter Girls are there?

32. What was the present that Skulduggery brought Valkyrie for Christmas?

He never told her.
33. Did Valkyrie ever get her big stick?

Not yet.

34. Are any more of the SP titles going to be based on Shakespeare quotations?

Probably not. Each trilogy has a title theme, so the style of titles will change against for the final trilogy.
35. Why is a soap bubble round?

Because a circle is a naturally occurring shape.
36. Did Kenspeckle like cheese?

He did.
37. Is the reason the Faceless Ones are evil because they had no one to read them bedtime stories when they were small?

38. Purple? or Purple?

39. What are you thinking right now?

40. Can you tell us a really good joke?

Yes. I won’t, though.
41. Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker? (Huzzah for Garth Nix quotations)

The walker chooses the shoes.
42. How useless is a chocolate teapot?

43. This is a statement cunningly disguised as a question?

Very cunning.
44. Who is the person who wiped Davina Marr’s memory?
This will be answered in the books or not at all.  

45. Which languages do you speak?

46. What is your favourite book (not one of yours).

Mucho Mojo, by Joe R Lansdale.
47. Do you write in cursive or......not?

Naw. I used to, when I was in school, but my handwriting was terrible. Now I just write however I want to, and it’s much clearer...
48. Did you know the oldest cat lived to be 38?

Oh dear God.
49. Did you know that cats can have vocalization sounds of 100 different kinds and dogs can only have about 10?

I did not know that. Now I do.
50. What is your favourite colour?

Blue, maybe.
51. Has Skulduggery Pleasant ever had any pets?

He had a dog called SkulDOGGery. Except he didn’t.
52. Have you ever looked at a goldfish and wondered if it remembers you from the last three seconds?

I keep forgetting.
53. Can vampires be animals? Or is it can animals be vampires?

54. What’s your favourite dessert?

Um… ice cream.
55. Do you like orange juice?

Meh, it’s okay.
56. Which competitive sports (other than Martial Arts) do you like?

57. White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?

Milk chocolate.
58. What's your favourite fruit?

59. What's your favourite weather/season?

Summer, I think... Or Autumn...
60. Where would you like to spend your holidays?

Disneyworld!!!!!! (Never been.)
61. What will you do after you finished the SP series?

Weep manly tears.
62. What is the airspeed velocity of an un-laden swallow?

What do you mean? An African or a European swallow?
63. What is your favourite letter in the alphabet?

64. If a munchkin were flying on the back of a giant elephant with the wings of a monkey and the tongue of a dinosaur and the giant elephant was wearing rollerskates with sparkly unicorn horns attached and this were a world where air resistance could be up to 10% less and carbon dioxide and oxygen were neither present so the density of air also reduced and the value of pi was the weight of a fish would chocolate taste the same?
No, it would be slightly off.

Revel in this knowledge!!!! 


    Derek is AWESOME!!!
    Loved his answers! I can not stop laughing!
    A big thanks to Octa and Derek for providing an awsome question and answer post!

  2. LOL This is sooo AWESOME!!!!