Friday, 15 April 2011


All those who love Skulduggery Pleasant and Derek Landy must head to this blog immediately!
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  1. OK! A quiz question Octa:
    When did I first meet you?

    (I really don't remember. Seems as if I have known you for a long time and it's all been wonderful)

  2. My dear friend Octa! You are such an amazing person. I fell hard for you right from the beggining. I loved you.
    I know it was hard for you to make a choice between me and Quinn. I don't know all that you two have discussed, but I want you to know, you don't have to make a choice. At least not between Quinn and I. I know that yo uare not sure if it's really love you feel for us. And that's ok.
    For me I did know. I have been around people who have seemed like good people but were not. They are not filled with the wonderful things like you are.
    You are easy to love. I was never surprised others became attracted to you. You are caring for others, curteous, so delightfuly funny! And your talent is extrodinary! You are so knowlageble. You have so much going for you.
    I am so lucky to have you as a friend.
    But the fact that I have make it difficult for you, made you feel trapped and having to choose to the point you did not even want to choose anymore. I am so sorry for doing that to you.
    I just want you to be happy!
    I wanted Quinn to be happy too. When I saw the poem you had written for her I just thought it was th emost romantic and playful poem ever! It is so delightful. I was sure that it was Quinn you wanted.
    But she still sounds confused to me. I don't know why.
    But that is between you two.
    I just wanted to say that from now on I will treat you like all the rest of my friends. I don't want to make it harder for you and throw those hearts and all those silly smilies your way. I feel that I may have made it hard for you again to b e with who you wanted to be with. I know you don't want to hurt anyone Octa. But you can't let yourself be hurt if it's not what you want. Even if it's not Quinn you want, if you just want to be free, then that is the right thing to do. QUinn will be ok. I will be ok. In fact. I am ok. :D
    I just want to let you know that I have let you go so that you can be free. I mean truely let go. No more flirting. I think that just hinders things.
    Thank you for putting up with me.
    You are a wonderful friend!

  3. It's true that I've been rather confused. You two girls are both such wonderful people and in truth all I want is for all three of us to be happy. My happiness depends in part on you two being happy.

    Quinn and I are rather muddled about what to do, as we're both aware that we've never actually met, we don't know what the other looks like and in all honesty there isn't much we can do about our feelings as all we can do is talk to each other. I dont want you to feel bad for making me have to choose between you because I suppose I never really did. I want all three of us to be friends and all of us to be happy.

  4. And I've never had to put up with you. I've enjoyed every minute of your company and it's very precious.

    I know you to be a wonderful amazing person.

    I'm not really sure what I want. Do I want you or Quinn or just to be free and enjoy my frirndhips with you both.

    As long as we are all happy then I don't mind.

  5. We will be friends Octa. For me I didn't have to see you to know are handsome. I felt as if I saw a portion into your soul and it is beautiful.
    I think you are being very wise about things.
    But I have taken a step back to make it easier so you won't be as confused.
    I know what ever challenges that both you and Quinn may face, all can be overcome. I believe that all things are possible.
    Hang in there.

  6. Hmm I'm not sure if I'm coming across right. It's hard to tell at 1 in the morning.

    What I'm trying to say is you are both totally awesome and I really want you all to be happy and have successful wonderful lives.

  7. Sorry. :P I had to leave hastily. What I meant to say is that I will be happy.

  8. Octa. I hope you see this. It's funny that you mentioned the forum you use to be on tonight. I was just thinking about the time you mentioned the Garth Nix forum before. It seemed as if you were sad. I know I would be sad if something were to happen that would cut me off from all of you.
    I would do my best to find another meeting place. I would go to a well know site were I could advertise that I use to be part of the SP Gang. Like Facebook or another place. I would be always looking on google for key words that we used and had to do something with SP.
    I imagine they will be all trying to find a way back to each other too!
    I hate the thought of something that was good being lost forever.
    I don't know what else to say Octa. I just hope you find them all again.
    And no matter what Octa, you will always be my dearest friend. Just don't forget to take care of yourself first and your happiness. When you find the right one, then you can put them and thier happiness 1st, just as they would and should put you 1st before thier happiness.
    *forever hugs*

    Goodbye Octa.

  9. Oops. I meant goodnight. :P
    What can I say? It was late at night and I should have benn in bed ages ago! But as it was I was on here blogging around and tryin g to write.. Then I started watching this movie that made me cry. Both in bad ways and in good ways. :P
    It ended happily! YAY!!!!