Thursday, 21 April 2011

Derek Landy is even more Awesome!

Well since I posted I remembered Derek answered a lot of questions Rosella asked...

Rosella asked some questions... a LOT...

whats with this hannah foley kid?

Hannah Foley is the name of a girl I met when the first book was released, who asked if she could be mentioned in the next one. She was the first person to ask this…!

what is the first/last names (taken) for the following people?
bliss? Is it like a vamp thing that they only have one name?

This will either be revealed in the books or not at all.

Can you PLEASE make a charachter called Rosella Embers? she doesnt have to be main, but just mentioning her would mean so much to me and make me faint. i'm not even kidding!

I’ll TRY to mention her…!

A little tip of advice: i think your loosing your sense of humor a bit. liven it up more!

Yes dear.

Have i told you that you are so incredibly awesome?

Don’t worry, I tell myself that every single day.

What made you choose gefforey Scrutinous as the character competition winner?

He was the most useful, and the one who fit the best. A lot of the character suggestions were hugely powerful people- or “game-changers”, as I call them. Basically, if they were introduced, they’d be so powerful that they could do ANYTHING, and they’d wreck the books…!

i dont get it. is wreath in hiding or dead? and is crux dead and china's hiding the murder?

SPOILERS! Wreath’s alive. Crux is dead. China’s hiding it.

what suburbs around dublin do u live in cuz i have a friend on the outskirts of dublin.

I live in North County Dublin. That’s all I’m saying!

who was skul-mans other partner/ the one who died a messy death? and will we hear more about him?

This will either be revealed in the books or not at all.

how old exactly is skul-man?

This will either be revealed in the books or not at all.


Unfortunately, I only read fanfic at Christmas- it’s the only time I allow myself to do it!

This will either be revealed in the books or not at all.

is finbar mad or what?

You’ll see...

why was skul-man at gordons house that night?

He was looking out for Val- or Stephanie, as she was back then.

whats going to happen with crystal and carol now they know about magic?

You’ll see...

with the movie, is it going to be animation or real?

If it’s made, it’ll be live action, not animation.

how did melovent die?

This will either be revealed in the books or not at all.

is gordon edgley kind of like you, the best EVER author, witty, funny, awards as paperweights...

Heh. Gordon is a lot more cuddly than I am. Though I do have my moments.


Er… hi…!

does only sorcerers have true names?

Nope, everyone does.

how does skul-mans facade work? does it cover only his face or his whole body?

Just covers his face.

whats fletchs life story? will we find out?

I haven’t decided that.

who's dexter vex? will we meet him?

Dexter’s one of the Dead Men, and yes, we’ll be meeting him sometime over the next four books.

why did dusk owe Baron Vengeous?

This will either be revealed in the books or not at all.

who's eliza scorn?

All will be revealed in Book 6.

in book six, pg 154, tanith says,
"they called them the dead men because they went on suicide missions and always came back alive."
then skul says
"not all of us," does that mean him or someone else?


why doesnt skul have a license? was it because hes a skeleton? i would of thought they would have a sorcerers test or something.

What kind of license are you talking about…?

SPOILER FOR MORTAL COIL *bottom lip trembles*
why did you kill kenspeckle? who will patch up skul and val now?
but as Nyx Dawn and i was chatting about, you, master, only kill off people for a reason. why?

Some people have to DIE. The fact is, we’re hurtling towards the last trilogy, where plot threads and strands will be tied up, and some characters will come to their end.

Master Derek, have you ever had a mosquito in your room all night and it buzzes in your ear and stings you all night and you never get to sleep, and when you do, you wake up comlpetly exhaused? has that happened to you or is it just me?

Mosquitoes aren’t that common in Ireland…

So yes.... there will probably be a third post coming up of random questions/comments from Derek. Maybe.

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  1. FANTASTIC Octa! I'm glad you remembered these! :D
    I had fun reading his answers again!

    Thanks for posting!