Thursday, 27 January 2011

How to draw a human eyeball

Hello everyone! Just for laughs, I made a tutorial on how to draw an eye, which is probably the only thing I know how to draw well. Here it is!

How to Draw an Eye

First, gather your materials.
 you will need...
A charcoal pencil that is medium soft (the one in the middle)
A white chalk pencil (the one to the right)
A hard pencil, I used a 5B (the one to the left)
Paper ( regular old, 8 1/2 by 11 works just fine)
A knife for sharpening the pencils and a container to catch the shavings
A mirror so you can look at your own eye for reference (I use a narrow one so i can look at just my eye)

Make sure you have all your stuff at a table or other hard surface that is comfortable to draw at ( I draw on a piece of cardboard as i'm sitting on my bed) Now on to drawing! 

Sharpen the medium pencil to a medium point (not too thin, not too fat, use your good judgment)

Draw a line. This will be the top of the eye.

Add the basic shape of an eye.

Add a triangle sort of shape at the corner and lightly add the line under the eye (too heavy on that line and it will look like your eye needs some sleep)

Smudge the corner and under the eye

 Lightly smudge the top of the eye and then add the round bit (I don't know what its called, lol)

Add the pupil and make sure it's nice and darkly colored

Color in the round part, then smudge. Make sure the pupil is nice and dark.

Blend the edges of the pupil with the round part

Darken the upper part of the eye (this will be the eyelid)

I use the word "smudge" a lot, don't I...

Add that little line thing, then lightly smudge

Soften up all the edges and define the corner of the eye a bit

Now is the time to make some little adjustments, use your judgment so it looks good to you.

Time to start the eyebrow! Draw a line that is roughly the same as the line in the first step.

Darken the line a bit, then smudge

Arch the eyebrow by adding another slightly curved line

Darken the brow by using short little strokes that look like hair, then smudge lightly

Shade all around and under the eye as lightly as you can.  I find that I have usually enough charcoal left on my fingers from all the shading that I really don't have to use the pencil.

Up to this point, I have been using that ^^^ pencil, which is a medium soft pencil, but now...

But now I switch to the 5B pencil, which is harder then the other pencil
  Now add some detail with the 5B pencil to the brow.

Now I switch to my white chalk pencil
With the white pencil I add a little highlight to the eye to make it pop

Add the finishing details. Lighten up what needs to be lightened, darken up what needs to be darkened, smudge what needs to be smudged, you get the idea...

Once everything is just the way you want it, take the hairspray and spray the paper with it so that it won't smudge. Try to hold the bottle of spray about a foot (30 centimeters) away from the paper and spray it in short bursts  (no pictures of this because i needed both hands)

A good way to tell if you sprayed the paper enough is if you hold it up to a bright light. If the eye is mostly covered then you're good. If the paper is dripping with hair spray then you put way too much on.

This is the final step! Once the hairspray is all dry then sign your masterpiece and date the work. I always like to put the date on my work so in a couple of months I can look back and say "Wow! That looks like crap! I'm so much better now!"

I hope this tutorial has not been too confusing and that it help you with your drawings. I'd love to see them if you post them so send me a link please.
Hey Hellboy, do you think you could get your brother to look at this? please?

Byeeeeeeeeeeeee Y'all!


  1. I like that. Especially because I am terrible at drawing eyes so hopefully this will help. Awesome, by the way. I am in awe...

  2. Wow Lizzy! I'm impressed. That's awesome how you went step by step. Thanks fr all your awesome effort and hard work!

  3. LOL!

    I DO need advice on how to draw eyes :) Thanks!

    btw, the round bit is the iris. Just so you know :)

  4. you are awesome. also, you have really fancy drawing stuf :P