Saturday, 15 January 2011

My One Day Challenge!

Hey Y'all, I did my one day challenge on Wednesday, here are the pictures!

WOOHOO! SNOW DAY! We got about 2 feet of snow, this is my bedroom window.

Me and my dad went outside to clear a path to the chicken coop, Dad stuck a broom in the snow and that's how much snow we got 

My dog Gambit loves snow

Mom made eggnog pancakes for breakfast! they are sooooo good! 

My little sister made her pancake into pacman and she wanted me to take a picture
My epic sweatshirt

After Breakfast I started work in blog-land.

Hellboy has gotten me addicted to minecraft :P    

Everyone I'd like you to meet Jimmy-the-skull. Jimmy is a plastic skull that I've been using as a reference when I 'm drawing Skullduggery, he's also useful for resiting Shakespeare.

This is my wall-o-ideas. I put butcher paper on my walls and then i stand on my bed and write out my ideas. I also taped pictures and stuff onto it

My favorite song on my MP3 player!

A picture of a centaur-zebra-thingy. He has a big sword

Vital sugar energy. 

My piggy key chain :) I randomly saw it on top of my dresser and had to take a picture.

Tada! there is my one day challenge, I can't wait to see all of yours!


  1. I like your dog. He looks sweet.

  2. He has the brain the size of a peanut, and thats an insult to peanuts

  3. LOL AWESOME Lizzy! Love the pics! Cool wall-o-ideas! :D Very smart.
    Your dog is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

    Thanks for sharing all that AWESOMENES! XDDDD

  4. ...I might do that...Maybe. If I feel like it. My dog pretty well does that too...

    But cool...

    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary

  5. Awesome! When I get back from camp I'll do mine.

  6. Coll pictures!
    GO REESE'S!!!!

    I want to put up mine, but am still out of town