Thursday, 27 January 2011

I'd Just Like to Say...

You don't need that much equipment to draw my dear friends. You'll only need a regular old pencil, and an eraser to draw stuff like this:

That's how I managed that.                    ^
And with an art pencil, a regular old pencil, and an eraser you can draw stuff like this:

Again, how I managed.

For smudging you can just use your finger...But if you don't want to get them all dirty then use a smudge stick. *Giggles* His eye is a 'twee bit off...But um...For the eraser, just make sure that it is 'relatively' straight. Anyway...I love the step by step tutorial. The eye is slightly anime...I suck at anime eyes, by the way. *Shakes head ashamed* I beg pardon Ichigo...I didn't mean to screw up your eyes so bad. Actually, I suck at eyes in general. I can do EVERYTHING but the eyes.

Blessed be,
Miss Mary Hiashi

P.S. I really hope that didn't sound rude. I'm tired today and everyone has been telling me that I'm being rude...Or at least some people are.


  1. Beautiful art work Mary! Thanks for sharing.
    I don't know much about art other then it's beautiful. But I know many artist have thier own special way of doing art. Lizzy has one way. You have another .
    I wonder how Sarthacus, Louis and Darkane do thiers?

    I don't know who has been telling you that you are rude. (hopefully no one from the blog)
    You are a wonderful sensitive person who is increadible gifted in so many wonderful areas. You need time to be able to do your art. I know I've bugged you a bit. It's just cause I know you are special and love having you around to chat with.
    I am trying to give you more space so that you can do what is right by you. It's good enough for me that you check in from time to time. I then get be assured you are ok.
    GEt some rest Mary. You deserve it. And may those people leave you alone!
    You are not rude.

  2. For smudging, our Visual Communications teacher showed us a trick, you get a tissue, and the you get a pencil, blunt-rounded end preferably, fold the tissue a few times, and put the end of the pencil into it, its basically the same as a smudge stick :)

  3. WOW! Great artwork Mary!

    The eye is NOT a 'twee bit off! It's perfect!

  4. whoa, thats so good! can you teach me how to draw cats like that?!