Sunday, 23 January 2011

MY One Day Challenge of Epic Proportions...

...So technically I was taking pictures of random stuff...but hey, why the hell not.

This is my very messy dresser. And that mug there is holding my green tea.

This is what it looks like outside of my bedroom window.

This is a picture of my dolphin collection (bottom shelf).

(This picture really shouldn't be in this spot but it is a defiant little bugger and I give up.) These are dead roses (just how I like 'em) in a basket on top of a stand made out of Leggo. And yes, I was extremely bored that day.

My parents were taking me to my grandmother's house, and on the way were picking up (renting) some movies. I waited in the car and took this picture of the parking lot.

This is my grandmother's idiotic dog. She's cute...but not entirely all that smart. But I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say it's because she's still a puppy.

This is Carl. Best cat in the world. He loves ice cream but gets violently sick if he eats it. I was eating ice cream in front of him while I took this. Aren't I mean?

And this is a Transmutation circle on my bedroom ceiling at my grandmother's house. (From Fullmetal Alchemist). I don't know what possessed me to draw this a while back.

 So that my friends, was MY Epic...Something or other challenge of sorts...I think. On the off note, my mother wants to move to Australia (that won't be happening ANYtime soon) thank god because I'd die out there. Um...And I saw a very interesting movie today ('tis mostly a documentary). It's called GasLand. If you are able to check it out, I definately suggest it. It gets curioser and curioser as it goes on. I think that is all I wished to say...

Blessed be,
Miss Mary

P.S. Bow to my greatness! (Yep, I've gone completely off the wall).


  1. *Kallista bows before Mary, in complete awe of her greatness*
    AWESOME! Love the pics Mary! I really love that basket made out of leggos! LOL
    The little critters sure are cute and I love all the beautiful dolphins you have. :)
    Thanks for sharing some more of your awesomeness! The only thing better then this is if you would show up on Derek's blog again. (when he posts next that is) :D

  2. Wait a sec...what do you mean 'that won't be happening anytime soon'? Aus is amazing! I don't understand. Is it the lovely beaches or the amazing landscapes? What about Australia puts you off?

    *inscribes alchemy sign into gloves, then uses powers to become a flame-throwing mutant guy*

    *gloves get taken away by bad guys in an attempt to stop my abilities*

    *inscribe sign into the back of my own hand with own blood*

    *kills bad guys*

    *and generally owns*

  3. Mary, i've done the next part on 'We the Kings'.

  4. MAAAARRRRYYYY!!!!!!!!! :D
    lol I like Carl!
    And yes, you're cruel! :P lol No, it would likely be worse to give him the ice cream! :]

  5. That alchemy sign is AWESOME!
    I know exactly what possessed you to put it!
    Your amazing sense of incredibly awesome anime. :]

  6. cool pics. is that a Pirates of the Carribean mug?

    Australia's alright (i live there) but it depends where abouts you move to