Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Importance of Grammar

We need grammar. It is very important for communication. Otherwise you end up with conversations like this one. :D

The importance of good grammar...

I had only just arrived at the club when I bumped into Roger. After we had exchanged a few pleasantries, he lowered his voice and asked, "What do you think of Martha and I as a potential twosome?"
"That," I replied, "would be a mistake. Martha and me is more like it."
"You're interested in Martha?"
"I'm interested in clear communication."
"Fair enough," he agreed. "May the best man win." Then he sighed. "Here I thought we had a clear path to becoming a very unique couple."
"You couldn't be a very unique couple, Roger."
"Oh? And why is that?"
"Martha couldn't be a little pregnant, could she?"
"Say what? You think that Martha and me...."
"Martha and I."
"Oh." Roger blushed and set down his drink. "Gee, I didn't know."
"Of course you didn't," I assured him. "Most people don't."
"I feel very badly about this."
"You shouldn't say that: I feel bad...."
"Please, don't," Roger said. "If anyone's at fault here, it's me!"


  1. Haha, thats pretty funny, nice Octaboona

  2. LOL
    *falls off chair laughing*
    Awesome Octaboona. Thank's for the ....ah....lesson!

  3. Nice! I liked the computerized creation of the earth as well, that was funny.

  4. I found both on the website

    In the Just For Fun Section.