Monday, 3 January 2011

Topsy The Elephant

Now as I'm sure you're all aware tommorow (January 4th) is the 108th anniversary of the death of Topsy the Elephant who was electrocuted  on the 4th January 1903.

This common knowledge is being forgotten and so I am writing this post as a memorial for Topsy who was fed 460 grams of carrots laced with potassium cyanide before being electrocuted by a 6,600 volt AC current.

This event was caught on film by Thomas Edison and her execution was watched by 1,500 people.

Now although she did kill three people ( including an abusive trainer who attempted to feed her a lit cigarette)
I feel that she should be remembered as a good elephant who didn't deserve to die.


  1. ACH!!!!!

    *Kallista goes into a rage over ill treatment and cruel death given to innocent creature*

    *gets electracuted trying to build a time machine so she can go back in time and save poor Topsy*

    Thanks for putting this up Octaboona! It's good to remember this and hopefully this can be a ereminder to people that animals are to be treated respectfully too!

  2. ummm, will i get lynched if i say i have no idea who Topsy is? Still, poor baby! why did everyone want to hurt her?