Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My One Day Challenge [see Lizzy's genius post]

I failed the challenge. xD
lol I chose to do my picture taking on an odd day so I did it the next day too, but that was an odd day as well so I did it for the third time. Sadly, that day was unusual too xD.... So I decided to take pictures from all THREE days and put them on here! :]
P.S. these probably won't be in order, but just random..... because random is awesome...... Ok fine, not because random is awesome, but because I'm too lazy to sort them. Well, all that counts are the photos, right? Right? RIGHT??!?!!!!?

A scene from an episode of my favorite show: Pushing Daisies. If you haven't seen this marvelously fantastic show, you're missing out. :]

I was expecting my dad to get me a Tall :]
And yes, I did drink an entire frozen drink in the winter. :P

My cat, Tinkerbell!!! <3 <3
We've had her for.... at least 11 years. She showed up in our garage one day with kittens :]

Heh heh heh
Leave it to Kallista to make you laugh!

I know most of you probably see this very often, but I don't because in Louisiana it's rather rare for it to even get cold enough to freeze anything. Though, I wasn't in La when I took this picture, I was farther up north when we were taking my brother back to college. It's was exciting to see a frozen bush. :]

Fire!!! Whooo!!!

Julian Smith: Hot Kool Aid! It's very funny!

My girl, Blue, and her baby. :] Isn't it just the most adorable photo of the two ever?!?

My windows were icy!! Sweet!!!

Gorgeous sunset! This picture is actually quite pathetic compared to the beauty of it in person. :]

And that, my friends, concludes my folder of smile educing photos. 
Hopefully, they procured a smile from you too! :]


  1. AWESOME!!!!
    Great pics Skyril!
    LOL And I'm glad I made you laugh! :P

    Awwww.....Your kitties are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! XDDDDD

    they DID bring a smile AND a laugh to my beautiful face! :P


    Me and Louis do the hole 'Morning, Brother' Hot Kool Aid routine, alOng with Jellyfish and Red Eye Flashes Twice. He is one funny guy.

    Awesome pics! I liked the one with Blue :P What's the baby's name?


    'Josh! Pour me, a glass, of MALK!'

  3. lol that's awesome, Hellboy! I haven't seen the 3rd one you mentioned, but the Jellyfish is AWESOME! I want one of t-shirts of it :]

    The baby doesn't have a name because we can't keep it and my mom didn't want me to get attached to it by naming it. :/ You see, she was never supposed to get pregnant. We didn't even know she was in heat!

    "I can get you some MILK, but there isn't any MALK."