Monday, 10 January 2011

The One Day Challenge.

Hey guys (and gals) I have a challenge for y'all... Pick one, just one, day and carry a camera around all day. It can just be your phone camera or whatever, but every time you see something that makes you smile, take a picture.

If you're playing video games and get a head shot or something else "Woot!" worthy, pause the game and take a picture.

If you are messing around with your friends, take a picture.

If you are driving someplace and see a beautiful sunset, take a picture.

Even if you are here in blog-land, take a picture of the screen if what you're doing makes you happy.

At the end of the day upload your pictures (you can block out faces and stuff if you want) so we can see what makes you smile :)


  1. i'll attempt but i might have to download them later cause my ipod won't download the photos I took. anyone know how?

  2. this should be fun, can it be any random day?

  3. Cool, i'm going to go and steal my brother's camera now :P

    I'll do it on wednesday, i think. That's my Dad's birthday. Also, it's my comp day, and i have a scheduled appointment with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 :D

    *gets headshot*


    *realizes is on the bottom of the scoreboard*

    Or not...y'know..maybe just a bit pwned...


  4. something that was really w00t worthy, was when i was playing CoD: Modern Warfare and i had no more ammo left in both guns. I only had one grenade launcher (noob toob), and there was 12 seconds left. I went around the corner, came face to face with an enemy, and panicked. I went for my knife button but missed, and instead fired my last grenade launcher missile at the ground. Remember, when it impacts on something at such a short range, it doesnt blow up ):

    But, low and behold, the grenade shot BOUNCED off of the ground, and smacked the enemy player right in the face. The high impact was enough to kill him, and i won :DDDDD

    I was w00ting for half an hour, i swear.

    For those who don't know what i am talking about, this is an M203 grenade launcher, and the green-topped large bullet thing is actually an explosive fired from the launcher.,r:1,s:136&biw=1366&bih=585

    This is what it looks like on a gun:,r:17,s:39&biw=1366&bih=585

    I might delete this comment if too many people are annoyed about my gun-spamming.... :/

  5. LOL Don't delete it Hellboy. It's all cool. If people are annoyed the they need to chill out! Or else I'll beat 'em up!

    *stands in between Hellboy and the annoyed jerks*

  6. wow, i'm glad y'all like the idea.
    @Jaffa it can be any random day that you want, i'm doing mine on Saturday

  7. Wow! That's a really great idea!! I'm SO going to do that!! :D
    But I probably oughtn't do it 'till I get back from taking my brother to college.
    Seeing as, I won't be getting online much or anything. :]
    By the way, the whole, taking my bro. to college begins in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. And since we're going out of town anyway, my parents and I are turning it into a mini vacation. :]
    So, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to come online. Probably not much, and when I do it will likely either be at night or in the morning....
    Anyway, BRILLIANT idea, Lizzy!! Thanks for thinking of it!!

  8. WOW, Hellboy!! That's AWESOME!!! I would SO be going around telling everybody, "Hey did hear what I did??"
    :P LOL

  9. Ok, turns out they closed the roads we were gonna drive to get to the college because they were icy and dangerous [that what they SAY anyway, but they're probably hiding an alien spacecraft.] so we can't leave today.... SO! I'm going to do the picture taking thing :]

  10. Be prepared for a lot of pictures :P